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NCCNHR Invites all to Jackie Koenig Memorial Event July 28th to support Summer Internship Program. 

NCCNHR Welcomes

Call for Nominations for 2006 Leadership awards issued and posted to website. (April 14, 2006)

NCCNHR Issues White Paper on enforcement "What Have We Learned in 10 Years?"

DC DoH fails to successfully implement nursing home improvement initiatives.  See report by the DC Ombudsman Program: "Broken Promises II."

NCCNHR expresses concerns re assisted living residents and Part D in letter to McClellan. 

Groups call for Medicare Part D extension for nursing home residents.

Free training offered for Nursing Home Residents and their families.

Special page created to allow members to see and send get well wishes to Elma Holder,  NCCNHR Founder

NCCNHR and LTCCC release materials from Civil Monetary Penalties (CMP) project.

NCCNHR Announces dates of 2006 Annual Conference.

NCCNHR partners in "Almost Home" project. Culture Change documentary airs on PBS January 31, 2006.

NCCNHR Groups Approve 2005 Resolutions

NCCNHR releases new fact sheet on Medicare Part D. 

Alice Hedt represents NCCNHR at White House Conference on Aging, December 11-14, 2005.

NCCNHR Endorses Larson Fire Safety Bill, November 10, 2005.

NCCNHR Endorses Waxman Nurse Staffing Bill, November 7, 2005.

NCCNHR honors six individuals for their outstanding work on behalf of long-term care residents.  See 2005 Leadership Awards

NCCNHR Call for Investigation of Katrina Rescue Failure and Support for Hurricane Victims.

NCCNHR issues statement on the deaths of nursing home residents in Louisiana and Mississippi. September 8, 2005.

Many residents affected by hurricane Katrina.  Resources for victims, donors and providers listed here.

Fundraising position available at NCCNHR. Applications due September 22, 2005.

NCCNHR Announces 30th Anniversary Commemorative Book will be published. Ad deadline September 12, 2005.

Information, training tools and other resources posted on the Medicare Prescription Drug Act September 2, 2005

NCCNHR provides nursing home consumer perspective on options for saving Medicaid costs. Read NCCNHR statement to Medicaid Commission, August 17, 2005.

Alice Hedt delivers testimony to National Commission for Quality Long-Term Care, July 22, 2005. Reminds public forum about NCCNHR Minimum Staffing Standard.

Half of Nursing Home Residents At Risk in Budget Debate.  
Statement for Senate Finance Hearing, June 29.  
Statement for Senate Aging Hearing, June 28.

NCCNHR Responds to Smoke-Detector Rules, May 24, 2005

NCCNHR and Co-Sponsors host White House Conference on Aging designated event, April29, 2005. See presentations, resolutions and more.

144 Organizations Thank Senators Who Voted Against Medicaid Cuts, Mar 24, 2005

NCCNHR Letter Thanks Senators for Voting Against Medicaid Cuts, Mar 18, 2005   

Thank Senators Who Voted Against Medicaid Cuts

NCCNHR offices move to: 1828 L St. NW, Suite 801, Washington, DC 20036.

Calls from constituents have an impact.  See Alert #4 March 10, 2005.

Maryland Family Council Project hosts a day-long workshop for family members in Maryland on how to effectively organize and sustain family councils.  March 5, 2005

Grassroots Action evidenced in USA Today Ad  March 2, 2005 and Roll Call Ad March 1, 2005

Take Action Now to Oppose Medicaid Cuts. February 24, 2005

President's Budget Affects All Nursing Home Residents.  See overview, bulletins and alerts under Medicaid Threats, February 24, 2005

Information on the White House Conference on Aging sent to NCCNHR Board and friends. Also see NCCNHR comments presented at Policy Committee listening sessions.

New Action Center on NCCNHR Website.  Contains the latest information and action suggestions on Medicaid Threats, Medical Malpractice Reform, and the Medicare Prescription Drug Act. February 8, 2005.

NCCNHR Annual Meeting and 30th Anniversary dates set for October 16-19, 2005 (2/7/05)

NCCNHR History of Resolutions Available by Topic 1986-2004.

Upcoming family council conference in Maryland.  Details announced.(2/1/05)

Karen Sonnwald runs half-marathon. Raises over $2000 and donates to NCCNHR in memory of her father. Jan 9, 2005

Resolutions overwhelmingly approved by member groups Dec. 1, 2004.

NCCNHR seeks office manager.

Photo Album: Memories of the 2004 Annual Meeting

Message from new NCCNHR President Oct. 20, 2004

Barbara Hengstebeck addresses Annual Meeting Oct. 20, 2004

NCCNHR Presents 2004 Leadership Awards at Annual Meeting.

Residents of long-term care facilities fall into priority group for flu vaccination. See more on the flu and other health issues in nursing homes.

NCCNHR Resolutions 1986-2003. See summaries by topic.

Over 300 Advocates will attend NCCNHR Annual Meeting.  See News Release 10/12/04.

Elvis sited in Illinois - see photos

National Quality Forum (NQF) Rolls Out Long-Term Care Commission.  NCCNHR raises concern that nursing home industry funding of the Commission may diminish its objectivity and independence.  See press release 10/12/04.

NCCNHR Comments on Proposed Regulations implementing Medicare drug benefit, Oct. 4, 2004. 23 organizations signed on to our comments.  NCCNHR also signed on to the comments of a coalition of advocacy groups, the Medicare Consumers Working Group whose comments are available on the Families USA website, www.familiesusa.org.

Residents' Rights Week 2004. Spotlight on Quality-Focus on Residents' Rights Oct. 3-9. See what some states have planned.

Elder Justice Act in Jeopardy.  Take action now. See Action Alert, 9/20/04.

Residents' Rights Week Resolution passes U.S. House of Representatives, September 22. See the resolution.
NCCNHR Thanks Resolution Sponsors.

Bill Benson, NCCNHR President, testifies at White House Conference on Aging listening session. See testimony 9/9/04.

New Data on Quality Care in Nursing Homes. See Charlene Harrington's book published August, 2004.

Representatives Ask for Study of Sex Offenders in Nursing Homes.  See letter 8/17/04.

QCA Washington Update. Includes important info for Advocates, 8/10/2004

CMS Interpretive Guidelines on Activities. NCCNHR submits comments 8/10/2004.

NCCNHR Calls for Action on Fire Safety Report. See July 16th press release.

Feeding Assistant Lawsuit Filed.  See complaint.

"Don't Blame the Victim." See NCCNHR statement on 7/15 Sen. Tort Reform Hearing.

Ombudsman Resource Center Seeks Information Specialist. See job opportunities.

Grassley Calls for Reform of "Corrupted" Survey System. See letter to CMS. See letter to CMS from NCCNHR and over 60 other organizations about the survey process on 7/29/04. See letter from NASOP 8/6/04.

Consumer Guide to Choosing a Nursing Home updated. 7/15/04.  Latest edition includes the importance of fire safety in nursing homes.

Legislative Advocacy added to Family Involvement section.  Follow developments in various states on family council legislation. July 6, 2004.

Letter from Rep. Waxman and Senators Grassley, Bond and Edwards demands accurate staffing information. June 25, 2004.

Residents' Rights Week announced for Oct. 3 - 9, 2004Information and materials available to help you plan events now.

Lori Smetanka heads Ombudsman Resource Center.  See press release for more information. June 16, 2004.

Annual Meeting 2004 registration begins. Get more information and registration form on line. June 9, 2004.

NCCNHR Quality Care Advocate (QCA) Updates Now Available.  See the latest Washington news and NCCNHR member news, June 2, 2004.

NCCNHR sends letter to Washington Post Editor in appreciation of the series on Assisted Living.  See letter to the editor, May 27, 2004.

Companies offering Medicare Prescription Drug Discount Cards began advertising April 29th. Sign up begins May 3rd, but not much information available for nursing home residents. Get the latest Medicare News and see NCCNHR detailed summary on how program affects LTC residents.

NCCNHR Comments on CMS Nurse Staff Posting Regulations. Dozens of organizations and individuals sign on to letter supporting proposed regulations.  Read April 27, 2004 letter here.
NY Coalition Studies Posting Success.

Three New Fact Sheets Available Now (April 7, 2004). Go to Fact Sheets and see Residents Rights, Long Term Care Internet Resources, and Family Involvement in Nursing Home Care.

Sarah Greene Burger Testifies on Culture Change and the Pioneer Movement for Ways and Means Committee on March 18, 2004, on NCCNHR's behalf. Read testimony here.

NCCNHR Solicits Nominations for Leadership Awards. Deadline for submission is April 21st. Get more information and nomination form here.

NCCNHR Advocates Strongly for a Measure on Nurse Staffing.  Alice Hedt submits testimony to CMS on March 2, 2004.  Read statement here.

Alice Hedt Writes Letter to Membership as New Executive Director. Read February 27, 2004 letter here.

NCCNHR Opposes Malpractice Caps. Statement issued on February 24, 2004 opposing S. 2061, a Senate bill to severely restrict damages in medical malpractice cases for injuries babies and mothers suffer during childbirth.  The bill failed on a 45 to 48 vote. See press release,  Feb 24, 2004.

NCCNHR Member Groups Approve Resolutions. Voting completed January 2004. See final resolutions.

NCCNHR Supports Elder Justice Bill

NCCNHR Urges Support for Staffing Bills

More NCCNHR Policy Issues
HHS Feeding Assistant Regulations Endanger Nursing Home Residents
News Release; NCCNHR's talking points; Grassley-Waxman letter

NCCNHR Leadership Elected at 2003 Annual Meeting. See press release (Oct. 21, 2003).

New Board Members Added to the Roster. See picture and details. 

NCCNHR Urges Fire Safety Investigation and stronger guidelines

NCCNHR: Strengthening standards for assisted living. Coalition of long-term care consumer advocates, regulators, and direct care staff release Policy Principles for Assisted Living to improve care provided to assisted living residents (April 29, 2003). Read more and get report here.

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